About Damien

Damien Share moved from a small western town in New York to the east coast of Brevard County, Florida more than 20 years ago, to absorb the beauty of the beach and ocean. His devotion to art and nature began when he was five years old, and it continues as his life-time career.

Damien’s love and passion for marine life and the lifestyle of a true surfer are all revealed on canvas. His acrylic paintings depict everything from figures and botanicals to nature and marine from his unique surfer’s-eye view. He also sculpts in wood, foam and finer-glass surf board materials.

Damien paints to inspire us and to communicate all that is beautiful both physical and spiritual in sea and life. His body of works can be described as surrealism and realism, trompe l’oil on canvas or wall murals, indoor or out.

His works are widely collected, and public and private commissions are available. His original acrylic paintings hang in select galleries, businesses and private collections.

All of the original works displayed in the Gallery are available for purchase at his online store, Art of Damien Share, unless otherwise noted.

To contact Damien regarding a public or private commission, or to schedule a gallery show of Damien’s work, please e-mail: damien.share@yahoo.com.

You can also connect with Damien on his blog or Facebook.

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